Welcome To North Sumatera-Indonesia


Welcome To North Sumatera-Indonesia
Welcome To North Sumatera-Indonesia

Hi,My Name is Lian Saragih I live in Medan North Sumatera-Indonesia.Please let me to introduce my Country this Blog.I have been work as Tour Guide since 2005-Now and handle many Tourist From many country to explore North Sumatera.Before you visit North sumatera let you learn it which place do you thing will you visit.North Sumatera is big Province and there are many local Tourism.if you have a plan to visit it and explore all the tourim places you can take 8 Days 7 Night Tour.but if you like Sightseeing I thing 5 Days 4 Night is Enough.and if you like Short Tour you can take 3 Days 2 Night.

What ever trip you going to do in North Sumatera I can guide you In North Sumatera.I can do adventure Trip,Sightseeing Trip,Golf,Shopping,History Tour etc.

Welcome To North Sumatera-INDONESIA

Best regards

Lian Saragih

North Sumatera Tour Guide


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