Japanese Tunnel (Lobang Jepang),West Sumatera-Indonesia

aex 178 This Japanese Tunnel made in japan on 1942.this tunnel is big Tunnel and have many Rooms and this japanese Tunnel also Known as protection Tunnel for the Japanese army.This japanese tunnel is 1.400 meter Long and 2 meters Wide.this tunnel also the place for save all the guns of japanese.The tunnel is about 300 meters deep, which ends at a blocked passageway, the other side of which is owned by a different owner. Inside the tunnel, visitors are met with several life-sized statues of Japanese soldiers, and Japanese womeaex 181n in traditional Kimono. One of the main attractions of the tunnel are what remained of the various vintage weaponry found during the discovery which are beautifully displayed inside the tunnel such as, machine guns, bombs, explosives, and several ammunition and bullets. Deeper into the tunnel are compartments of water bankers, and makeshift offices used by the Japanese soldiers, and a dungeon for the prisoners of war. There are several chapels as well, where replicas of a Golden Buddha and gold bars can be seen.

Lobang Jepang
japanese Tunnel

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