Visit Sumatera Orang utan

Orang utan bukit lawang,North Sumatera-Indonesia
Jungle trekking is the primary activity in Bukit Lawang as it is the gateway to the nearby Gunung Leuser National Park .
Most tourists hire a guide as the jungle is easy to get lost in and requires a permit from Gunung Leuser National Park ranger office. There are plenty of good and reliable guides around so take your time to get to know some of them, have a chat, make your choice and prepare for a great adventure. Ask questions and ask them if they follow the rules and DO NOT feed orangutans or any other wildlife. Ask if they will actually be your guide or if they will pass you on to another group. It has been known that tourists pay money, get sold off and end up in a group of 10 people. Ask how many people will be in the group.Even though sightings of the orang-utan and other wildlife can never be guaranteed, when following the instructions of your guide the chances are favorable.

Another interesting amnimal is the Thomas Leaf Monkey. They have mohawk-style hair, and leap into air with wild abandon as they move from tree to tree.

If you want to go on a multiple day trek make sure you are fit and in good condition. The humidity coupled with the intensity of grade of the hills makes for some hard work. The reward at the end of your jungle adventure is a late afternoon paddle in the river back to the village.

Everyone who is planning to go on a jungle trek or even to the feeding platform is asked to refrain from any physical contact with the orangutans. Getting too close to an orangutan increases the risk of passing on disease and viral infection, which jeopardizes the orangutans chances of survival and in turn the health and survival of the wild orangutan population in the entire area. All guests should keep at least 10 meters away and move away if an orangutan approaches. The motto of any jungle adventure should be take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Another popular past time activity is tubing. When tubing one uses an innertube to float down the river. Tubes can be rented at various stalls along the village and expect pay around Rp 50,000 per tube. Be careful on the water because currents are strong.

You can also visit the bat cave Rp 10,000 [make sure to take a flash light], take a stroll around the rice fields and rubber plantations, visit some of the social projects (like the Children’s Home on the way to the bat cave), visit the Friday market or just hang out with some of the locals and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

More guide information please contact
Lian Saragih
phone/WhatsApp : +6281376600485
e-mail :


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