Visit Sumatra-Indonesia


Tour in Sumatra

Do you have plan to visit sumatra for this year?Sumatra is the second biggest island in indonesia after kalimantan.there are many think you can explore.we have orang utan,lake,beautiful Beach,History,mountain,Jungle,Flora and Founa can flight from jakarta,malaysia,singapore,Thailand to Medan first than from medan can start explore Sumatra.before you start the tour better  you know a little beat about your trip in sumatra.well I will start to tell you about North sumatra.North sumatra is one of province in sumatra with popular tourism with Lake toba,Berastagi,Bukit lawang and tangkahan from North sumatra if you do long trip you can start the tour to Aceh or Bukittinggi,if you like mountain you can choose to go to Bukittinggi.the most visitor from europeans mosly they choose the tour with adventure and sightseeing in sumatera and,when they arrive at kualanamu airport they go direcly to the jungle of Bukit lawang to visit orang utan than stay one night there than the next day continue to visit tangkahan-Lake toba-Sidempuan and the last to Bukittinggi.some of them continue their trip to jawa and bali.

Lake Toba,North Sumatra

lake toba is the main tourism object in North sumatra,this lake toba is the biggest lake in southeast asia and the biggest volcanic lake in the long is 100 km and wide 24 km than a total area of 2,707 km2.

Jungle Trekking in gunung leuser national park

if you like jungle trekking sumatra is the best place to visit,you can start to trekking into the jungle and see the wild life in the jungle such as orang utan sumatra,Thomas leaf monkeys,birds,gibbon etc.about the accomodation don’t worry.! the are many accomodation in every area of tourism object in sumatra.

if you want to explore sumatra it is recommended stay 9-12 days than you can do many tours here.I am as local guide will always give the best tour to every visitor who need local guide and assistance.

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