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Welcome To North Sumatera-Indonesia

North Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera Utara) is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the island of Sumatra, and its capital is Medan. It is the most populous Indonesian province outside of Java, with over 13½ million inhabitants in 2014.The province of North Sumatra stretches across the island of Sumatra between the Indian Ocean and the Strait Malacca. It borders Aceh province on the northwest and Riau and West Sumatra provinces in the southeast. It has an area of 72,981  km². The province contains a broad, low plain along the Strait of Malacca on which the provincial capital, Medan, is located. In the south and west, the land rises to the mountain range that runs the length of Sumatra; the mountains here are dominated by Lake Toba, formed from the caldera of an ancient volcano. Several large islands in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra are currently part of North Sumatra, most notably Nias Island and the Batu Islands.

North Sumatra recorded a population of 12,985,075 in the 2010 national census, making the 4th most populous province in Indonesia, with a sex ratio of 99.59 men per 100 women. The latest estimate (for January 2014) is 13,527,937


The Following Tourism places that you should visit in North Sumatera

1.Medan city Tour

1393203_170470453152445_401374005_nMedan is the capital Town of North Sumatera Province and the gate to enter indonesia from the West side of Indonesia.Medan is the third Biggest city in Indonesia after jakarta,Surabaya and Medan.the population about 2,6 Million people.The tourism object in Medan city tour are Maimun palace,Grand mosque,Tjong Afie House,Museum Negri,Merdeka walk,Pasar ikan can take one night stay in medan city if you like to explore the city of medan.Medan also well known as city trade and Business place.

2.Lake Toba

Lake Toba-Indonesia
Lake Toba-Indonesia

Lake Toba  is a large natural lake occupying the caldera of a supervolcano. The lake is about 100 kilometres long, 30 kilometres wide, and up to 505 metres (1,666 ft) deep. Located in the middle of the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with a surface elevation of about 900 metres (2,953 ft), the lake stretches from 2°53′N 98°31′E / 2.88°N 98.52°E / 2.88; 98.52 to 2°21′N 99°06′E / 2.35°N 99.1°E / 2.35; 99.1. It is the largest lake in Indonesia and also the largest volcanic lake in the world.Lake Toba is the site of a massive supervolcanic eruption estimated at VEI 8 that occurred 69,000 to 77,000 years ago, representing a climate-changing event. It is the largest known explosive eruption on Earth in the last 25 million years. According to the Toba catastrophe theory, it had global consequences for human populations: it killed most humans living at that time and is believed to have created a population bottleneck in central east Africa and India, which affects the genetic make up of the human world-wide population to the present.Lake Toba is the main Tourism object in North can visit it with 4 Hours Drive from the main city of Medan.The local Tourism here are Tomok village,Ambarita village,Simanindo,Parbaba Beach,Pangururan etc.You can stay at Samosir island or parapat with the good Hotel Price start from Rp.100.000-Rp.600.000/Night but the peal season most of hotel is more expensive.


050Berastagi is one of Highland in North can visit this by car with 2 hours drive from main city of Medan.Berastagi familiar with Highland in North Berastagi there are Two active volcano names are Sibayak volcano and sinabung volcano.The Tourism places here are Gundaling Hill,Fruite market,Lumbini Temple,Hotspring si debuk-debuk etc.

4.Bukit Lawang

visit Orang utan in North Sumatera
visit Orang utan in North Sumatera

if you interesting to visit orang utan in North Sumatera you can find it in Bukit lawang,3,5 Hours From medan city.But you have to Trekking into the jungle about 3-4 Hours by walk.walk in the jungle you will see Thomas Leaf Monkey,Birds,old big Tree,and Orang utan North Sumatera.To trekking into the jungle Local Tour Guide is Needed.



IMG_4413Tangkahan is one of the other interesting activity trip in North sumatera,you can patrol the jungle with the local people explore the place by Elephant.beside that you can walk into the jungle and see the Natural of sumatera Jungle.Beside trekking into the jungle you can also wash the elephant and feeding.the wash elephant start at 9:00 am every morning.

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Lian Saragih

North Sumatera Tour Guide




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